'B' litter - Dottie was mated with Boss in Dec 2008, and the puppies arrived on the 12th February 2009.

Springhaze Blazing Glory (Taylor) owned by Sheila & family in Buckinghamshire
Springhaze Blizzard (Dexter) owned by Anne & family in South Ayreshire
Springhaze Bright Star (Ruby) owned by Sharon & family in Kent
Springhaze Better By Far (Bree) retained by us
Springhaze Bonny Belle (Rosie) owned by Guido & family in Kent
Springhaze Bluebell (Nina) owned by Sarah & family in East Sussex
Springhaze Breeze (Zara) owned by Liz & family in East Sussex
'A' litter - Rita's puppies, May 2006

Owners comments........

Great Swiss Mountain Dogs
Jura is still a great enjoyment for us. He is growing and growing and growing.  He has a super nature and is very sociable with people and dogs. He is slowly getting the hang of some basic obedience commands - or maybe its me that's slow!  He is the shiniest dog I have ever seen - his coat really shines it looks as if we polish him.  Walking on the lead is still a bit of a challenge - especially when we meet another dog.

Juno - She has settled in really well and is growing up very quickly!  Her temperament is fantastic and she is very easily picking things up at puppy training classes - we have fairly good control versus all but the most exciting distractions (usually seagulls!).  She is getting plenty of interaction with other dogs and is always trying to make new friends.

Casper -We have just returned from a short break in Salcombe with Casper who was the best dog house guest our friends have had and they have had a 
lot of dog guests! Casper loved going on the little ferry boat into Salcombe and walked about the town as a model tourist. I think he just likes lots of attention and  time lavished on him.

Diesel has finished his puppy classes now and he has got a good grasp of the basics already.  He is getting on really well and has met many different dogs and people with no problems at all so far!

Moose is doing really well - we have been going to a number of puppy parties etc over the past couple of weeks   Moose is really good with other dogs and seems to have a knack for being really gentle with smaller puppies at the parties / classes.  He seems to steal the show wherever we take him!  He's also started doing some swimming at the weekends (there is a great little walk that goes past a pond) - we can't keep him out of the water now!

Zara's personality is absolutely delightful. She loves all of the family, protects her property and generally loves her routine.  She is really rather spoilt because she never gets left on her own.  If Martin is working from home she guards him by lying under his desk otherwise she accompanies me around the land while I get on with horse chores.  She has an amazing sense of time and quite remarkable patience for a puppy.  She knows when play times are and waits patiently until she thinks the time has arrived and then will simply grab you by the arm and drag you off to play.

We are having a lovely time with Maia. One would think that she has been with us for months. She is very playful and is learning fairly quickly. We are struggling with the biting as she gets really excited at times and so we focus on teaching her to stop and get her to play with something else. She understands 'off, sit and stay' quite well. She also responds well to her name and usually comes when we call her.  She is attending puppy class and she is getting many opportunities to socialize with many friends and family visiting (and other dogs).  We take her to school and she is behaving beautifully around other children.

Robin's training classes are every Thursday. We went for the first time last week. He was the only new puppy there and wasn't the worst one, so we were glad!
He is so good and well behaved at home, but too excited to listen when outside. It was similar at the puppy class, but thats just the learning process I guess. He is very smart and learns quickly, other puppy owners are always quite surprised how well behaved he is. But he is still a handfull and it will be great when he will be fully and properly trained.

Nina is well and great fun.  She is very affectionate with all the family and our friends and has a really extrovert personality, always wanting to be the centre of attention and asking to be constantly fussed. We all love her to bits.  She is a truly great family pet.  She is in lovely shape - I have heeded your words of wisdom and kept her slim, and she is now very muscular and strong.  Nina loves other dogs and is very well socialised.  She does try to be top dog with our lab, and most of the time succeeds, but interestingly when they go into kennels the staff there comment on how she is very much number 2.  She is certainly very dependent on him and follows him everywhere.  We walk in the forest with friends every day and she has a lovely collection of doggy friends. Our vet and the veterinary nurses all adore her and find her most intriguing as they haven't seen a swissy before.  She is always so well behaved when we go (luckily vey rarely) and is a great ambassador for the breed.  She can, however, bark for England when anyone she doesn't know approaches our garden wall or comes up the drive, and has on several occasions terrified workmen when she goes bounding up, tail wagging but barking like fury.  She is great security and our neighbours love the fact that she barks at strangers in their garden too.

Dexter as you will see is a big healthy boy.  The photos don't do him justice.   He has had all his boosters and the vet says he is in tip top condition.  He loves rambling in the woods and of course jumping up on the bed whenever he gets the go ahead.  His nature is second to none and he just loves is extended family.  He likes just nosing into everything and of course digging and playing.  We have not had a single problem with him.  Still working on the recall when there are dogs to play with but that will eventually come.  Hard to remember what it was like without him.

Willett has completed his 'puppy class' section with honours, was a complete star in a large hotel restaurant during our meal and is thoroughly sociable.  A very popular dog with all who meet him.  Can't ask for more of one so young.

Hagrid was checked by our vet and given a glowing report.  He loves him and commended yourselves and what a fantastic job on his well being and nature you have done, he said he'd never to date met a puppy so calm and un bothered by the surroundings. Hagrid had his first puppy class on Monday and was an absolute star, in fact he was so calm he went to sleep whilst we watched the others in the class do their heel walking and introductions, of course he performed on demand and with great ease walking to heel, whilst awake he was very attentive. Got to say he is so loving towards Charlotte if she falls or cry's he gets as close as he can and cuddles / licks her until she giggles' and stops crying he is so loving its great.

Pleased to report that McKinley continues to do really well, you definitely chose the right puppy for our family. The spaniels are getting used to him, and apart from the usual and to be expected grumblings they are all learning to live together really well. Everybody who has visited has commented on what a lovely character he has, he is very friendly but not too "in your face" and his favourite spot is under the kitchen table (I guess he should make the most of being able to squeeze between the chairs!). He is not at all bothered by the noises (and there are a lot) of our busy household, taking everything in, watchful but not nervous. It feels like he has been here forever and we couldn't imagine life without him. Of course we have all the usual puppy behaviors, but he is so lovely the extra work is no bother to anyone. My daughter continues to play a really active role, and he follows her everywhere. He is an absolute joy and a credit to Dottie (and you of course!).

'D' litter - Anya was mated with Springhaze Blazing Glory (Taylor) in July, the puppies arrived on the 24th September 2010.
Springhaze Crimson Glory (Hagrid)  Steve, Amanda and family in Dorset
Springhaze Cool Cascade (Robin)  Jitka and James  in Wimbledon
Springhaze Checkmate (Diesel)  Ben and family in Bristol
Springhaze Coral Charm (Casper)  Sarah, Christian and family in Surrey
Springhaze Cosmopolitan (Willett)  Anne and family in Devon
Springhaze Charisma (Jura) Jean and family in West Lothian
Springhaze Celebration (Moose)  Barney and Emily in Surrey
Springhaze Cover Girl (Lacey).
Springhaze Crystal Clear (Juno) now living with Dan and Becky in Inverneshire.
Springhaze Classic Lady (Maia)  Isabella, Jason and family in Warwickshire
'C' litter - Dottie was mated with Corail in Jan 2010, and the puppies arrived on the 30 March 2010.
Springhaze Daddy's Girl (Tess) Jo and family in Hertfordshire
Springhaze Day Dreamer (Darcy).
Springhaze Diamond Girl (Bella) Eva and family in Surrey
Springhaze Dazzling Gem (Roxi) Sam and family in Somerset
Springhaze Dizzy Heights (Minnie)  Jen and family in Essex

Springhaze Destiny ( Jazz) Joanna and family in Surrey
Springhaze Dark Desire (Benson)  Martin and Lesley in Lancashire
Springhaze Double Take (Indy) Nigel and Shelley in Aberdeenshire
Springhaze Dazzler (Bailey) Scott and Lisa in Berkshire

Springhaze Elegant Charm (Max). Karinda, Phillip and Mikaela in Oxfordshire
Springhaze Eclipse (Pablo). Samantha and family in Buckinghamshire
Springhaze Eco Warrior (McKinley). Hannah and family in Oxfordshire
Springhaze Electro Impulse (Ziizu). Julie, Daniel and family in Guernsey.
Springhaze Eternal Star (Bode). Jane and Kit in Cumbria.
Springhaze Entertainer (Bruce). Claudia and Stephen in Ireland.
Springhaze Excalibur (Thor). Alison and Kristopher in Cambridgeshire.
Springhaze Eternal Flame (Monty). Stephanie and Darryl in Hampshire.

Springhaze Enchanted Lady (Anka). Lucy and family in Shropshire.
Springhaze Elusive Dream (Elsa). Retained by us.
'E' litter -  Dottie was mated with Helge Von Dachsborn in February and the puppies arrived 7th April 2011
Springhaze Fire Cracker (Finlay).  Jenny & Steve in Kent.
Springhaze First Degree (Duke).  Dan in Cumbria.

Springhaze Field of Dreams (Blu).  Alana & family in Surrey.
Springhaze Fortune Teller (Bella).  Helen, David & family in Dorset.
Springhaze Fancy Free (Tula).  Catherine, Patrick & family in Bath.
Springhaze Fanfare (Lottie).  Wilma, Joris and family in Surrey.
Springhaze Fairytale (Lexi).  Kim and Carl in York.
'F' litter -  Bree was mated with Buddy in November 2011 and the puppies arrived 19 January 2012
'G' Litter - Anya was mated with Springhaze Blazing Glory (Taylor) in January 2012 and the puppies arrived 19th March.

Springhaze Glacier (Yogi). Sandra & family in Edingburgh.
Springhaze Gold Dust (Milo). Kelly & Neil in Dorset.
Springhaze Glamour Girl (Sydney). Anne in London.
Springhaze Global Charm (Gem). Retained by us.
'H' Litter - Anya was mated with Cimba in November 2012 and the puppies arrived 20th January 2013.  Three boys and five girls.    

Springhaze High Definition - Jane, Peter and family in Hertfordshire
Springhaze High Spirit - Louise, Edward and family in Kent

Springhaze High Class - Carolyn, Chris and family in Kent
Springhaze Heaven Sent - Anne-Marie and Adam in Hampshire
Springhaze High Jinx - Barbara, Derek and Simon in Surrey
Springhaze Heart n Soul - Andrea and Johnny in Leicestershire
Springhaze Hi Expectations - Angela, Paul and family in Derbyshire
Springhaze High Flyer - Dan and Amanda in Wirral
'I' Litter - Bree was mated with Alpencrest Donatus (Donnie) in May and the puppies arrived 2nd July 2013.  Four boys and two girls. 
Springhaze Invincible (Duke) - Emma & family in South Wales
Springhaze Impulsive Dream (Casper) - Sanda & family in Berkshire
Springhaze Ice Maiden (Reba) - Sandra & family in Edinburgh
Springhaze Inspiration (Hannah) - Sheila & Cythia in Cumbria
Springhaze Intrepidation (Cally) - Hayley & family in Essex
Light Green
Springhaze Ice Cool (Ice) - Anne & David in Devon
'J' Litter -  - We travelled to France in January to mate Elsa with Jarod Van't Samaika Nest.  The puppies arrived on the 12th March 2014 - 10 puppies, 5 girls and 5 boys.  Sadly one girl did not make it.  Elsa and her nine puppies are all doing well. Some 16 hours later Elsa gave birth to another girl, alive and well.  She now has 5 girls and 5 boys.

Springhaze Litter J - Black  - Springhaze Jolly Joker (Boss) Marilyn & Anthony in Pembrokeshire
Springhaze Litter J - Blue - Springhaze Just for Fun (Loki)  Amy & Nik in Staffordshire

Springhaze Litter J - Mauve - Springhaze Just Amazing (Georgia) Jackie, Kenny and family in Aberdeenshire
Springhaze Litter J - Orange - Springhaze Jubilee Star (Dolly) Leonie & Richard in Somerset.

Springhaze Litter J - Pink - Springhaze Jewelled Crown (Buckley) Lucille & Rama in London
Springhaze Litter J - Red - Springhaze Just Dreaming (Joules) Retained by us

Springhaze Litter J - Yellow - Springhaze Jukebox Jingle (Roux) Felix and family in Gloucestershire
Springhaze Litter J - Brown - Springhaze Jet Set (Siri) Holly & Mark in Dorset
Springhaze Litter J - Dk Green - Springhaze Jubilation (Buddy) Michael & family in Staffordshire
Springhaze Litter J - Lt Green - Springhaze Jack in the Box (Maximus) Cindy, Curtis and family in Norfolk
'K' litter - September 2014 - After a busy few days that involved births, deaths and even a marriage we are delighted to announce the arrival of the 'K' litter. Bree and Mark Tremonti Quarterworld's puppies arrived on 5th September. 7 puppies were born but sadly three did not make it. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. One of the girls has been touch and go but now seems to be doing fine. Bree is a very loving and gentle Mum.
Springhaze Litter K - Yellow girl - Springhaze Kindred Spirit (Winnie) Alice and family in Oxfordshire
Springhaze Litter K - Pink girl - Springhaze Kaleidoscope (Star) Angela and family in South Glos.
Springhaze Litter K - Green boy - Springhaze King of Hearts (Yogi)  Brenda and family in Gloucestershire
Springhaze Litter K - Blue boy - Springhaze King of Diamonds (Murphy) Ben and family in Yorkshire
'L' litter - We are delighted to announce that Elsa gave birth to 7 puppies on 23rd April 2015.  Sadly 4 puppies did not make it so she has 2 girls and 1 boy all doing well.  Lukas is the proud father of his first litter.   Elsa is a doting, caring mother.
Springhaze Litter L - Pink. Springhaze Liberty Grace, (Layla), living with Dan & Dani in Middlesex.
Springhaze Litter L - Orange. Springhaze Living the Dream (Cocoa), living with Edward & Amanda in Essex.
Springhaze Litter L - Blue. Springhaze Limited Edition, (Samson), living with Darran & Donna in Surrey.

30th November 2016 - Litter 'M' - Joules (Springhaze Just Dreaming) and Logan's (Lion King Baltic Story at Springhaze) puppies arrive.  13 puppies were born and all survived.  We have 6 boys and 7 girls.  Joules and the puppies are all fine.

Black boy - Springhaze Midas Touch
Blue Boy - Springhaze Magna Carta
Brown Boy -  Springhaze Memory Lane
Orange Boy - Springhaze Masterpiece
Tan Boy - Springhaze Magical Moment
Yellow Boy - Springhaze Matchmaker
Blue Ribbon Girl - Springhaze Morning Glory
Green Girl - Springhaze Moonlight Magic
Lt Green Girl - Springhaze Morning Star
Mauve Girl - Springhaze Mystical Dream
Pink Girl - Springhaze Moon River
Red Girl - Springhaze Movie Star
White Girl - Springhaze Moonbeam