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Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

Lionheart from Swiss Star at Springhaze (Lukas)

DOB 17/07/2013

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HD - 7/4
ED - 0
OCD - 0
Eyes *-

Lukas has been imported from the well known Swiss Star kennel in the Czech Republic.  Ivana, his breeder, produces quality puppies that are shipped all over the world.  Lukas has been carefully chosen for his health, temperament, bone, substance and colour.  Since his arrival in the UK in November 2013 Lukas has started puppy classes and like most Swissies is proving to be a quick learner, although he seems to realise he only needs to do what he wants to do and can be very stubborn.  Lukas is a very affectionate, loveable character with a generous disposition and we look forward to his future here in the UK.
Lukas has now undertaken his health tests and the results are above.  At 20 months Lukas still has a lot of maturing.  His good points are his excellent bone, colour and temperament.  Also his correct double coat with a dark grey undercoat with no agouti hairs.  At present he needs a stronger top line and more width of chest.  I also would have liked more hind angulation.  He is now available at stud to a limited number of approved bitches with a recent clear eye test. 

* Lukas has been diagnosed with Posterior Polar Subcapsular cataracts.  PPS cataracts can be hereditary and can be present from birth but can also appear at any time of the dogs life.  They are very small and non-aggressive, which means they do not progress or cause any ill effects to the dog.  The dog can still see perfectly well.  The vet informed me that they should not affect Lukas and are not a notifyable condition. He said there is a chance he could pass them onto his offspring as they are hereditary, but he said the ones he has come across in other breeds have never progressed or caused the dog a problem, in fact you would only know the dog had them if he/she had an eye test.  This was the first time he had come across them in a GSMD.   I have spoken to well respected GSMD breeders throughout the world who have occasionally come across this form of cataract.  They have still used the dogs in the breeding program and many of the dogs can still see perfectly well at 9 years plus.  With this in mind we decided to breed from Lukas but only to bitches with an up to date clear eye test to minimise any chance of passing this condition on.

Very sadly we lost our lovely boy Lukas after a short illness.  He became ill very suddenly and after various tests we took the decision to let him go peacefully.  Lukas was the most friendly, loving Swissy we have ever met and will be a great loss.  He loved everyone and everyone loved him. RIP our wonderful friend taken far too soon. 
DOD 30/12/15

Angelo Malaaja
DOB 13/04/11