Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

Springhaze Just Dreaming (Joules)
DOB 12/03/2014

HD - 2/2
ED - 0
OCD - 0
Character Assessment
Eyes - Clear

Joules is from Elsa's first litter (litter J).  We chose her as she was the strongest bitch puppy in the litter.  Elsa is a fantastic bitch but is a little too tall.  We wanted a stud dog that was shorter and stockier to improve on her bone and substance.  We found this in Jarod.  Jarod is a good strong male, not too tall, with great bone. Joules has inherited all his good points and is a very strong, young bitch.  She is well muscled, strong, sound and very fit.  She can be willful but responds well to calm persuasion.  She gets on great with all the other dogs but in particular her and Lukas are inseparable.  They are constantly playing rough and tumble.  Her other best playmate is her Grandmother, Dottie, who normally dislikes playing with puppies, however Joules is the exception as she has always tolerated her even thought Joules can be quite rough at times.  Joules has attended a few shows, doing extremely well and ended her first year with winning Best Puppy at Crufts as well as Reserve Best Bitch (AV Import Register Working) which is quite an achievement for a puppy.  She passed her Bronze Good Citizen award at the age of 5 months and has also passed her silver. Joules has now passed her health tests, with excellent results, so is now in our breeding programme.

Springhaze Elusive Dream (Elsa)
DOB  07/04/11

Eyes: Clear/no defects
P2Y12 - Clear
Int Ch Jarod Van't Samaika Nest
DOB - 12/12/2010
Pedigree -
HD - A/A
ED - 0/0
Test Char - Excellent
See Jarod here.........

Joules - Litter 'M' Sire - Lion King Baltic Story at Springhaze (Logan)
DOB 29/07/2014

HD: 10/4
ED: 0
OCD: 0
Eyes: Clear
DOB - 30/11/2016
White Girl - Springhaze Moonbeam (Casey Joules)
Tan Boy - Springhaze Magical Moment (Dave)
Brown Boy -  Springhaze Memory Lane (Duke)
Green Girl - Springhaze Moonlight Magic (Lotta)
Black boy - Springhaze Midas Touch (Mack)
Yellow Boy - Springhaze Matchmaker (Manny)
Red Girl - Springhaze Movie Star (Harper)
Blue Ribbon Girl - Springhaze Morning Glory (Heidi)
Pink Girl - Springhaze Moon River (Pudding)
Blue Boy - Springhaze Magna Carta (Hector)
Orange Boy - Springhaze Masterpiece (Luca)
Mauve Girl - Springhaze Mystical Dream (Molly)
Lt Green Girl - Springhaze Morning Star  - Elsa