Great Swiss Mountain Dogs

Rita Des Joyeuses Gambades (Rita)
DOB: 15-04-00 - DOD: 10-12-07
HD - A

Titan Du Shuunka Takan (Titan)
DOB: 13-01-02

HD - A
Springhaze Aspiring (Anya)
DOB: 04-05-06 DOD - 08/04/17
HD - 6:6
Character Assessment- Excellent
Heart - Clear
Eyes - No defects
P2Y12 - Clear


Anya was the only girl in the litter of Rita and Titan, she has remained with us.  She is very lively and energetic and lives life to the full.  With an official character assessment of excellent she is the perfect family pet.

Anya has bred 3 litters and has now been retired from our breeding programme. She will remain with us as a wonderful ambassador for the breed.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Anya just a few weeks short of her 11th birthday.
Anya was born in 2006 and was from the first litter of GSMD's to be born in the UK. We imported her mother, Rita Des Joyeuses Gambades, age 5, from France where she had been recently mated with Titan Du Shuunka Takan. Rita gave birth to seven puppies but sadly only 4 survived, Anya was the only bitch. Sadly we have lost touch with two of her brothers but we hear that Hamish is still alive and very well.
Right from the start Anya was very lively and affectionate. She adored everyone. Never once have we heard her growl at a human or other dog. Yes she was noisy at times and often over exuberant, but always happy and friendly. She always had a big smile for everyone. Anya was lively, energetic, affectionate, loving, attention seeking and loved everyone. She was typically everything you could ask for of a Swissy.
During her first year she suffered a nasty fall which resulted in an injured shoulder which needed surgery to fix it. The operation went well and she was soon sound and it never caused her any further problems. Apart from this she was never ill again during her whole life and remained sound right until the end. She was never sick or sorry. She developed some lumps and bumps in later years, one of which was removed in 2016, but we decided to leave the others alone as they did not seem to cause her any pain or discomfort.
We received some criticism when we decided to breed from her due to her previous shoulder injury but felt she had a lot to offer the breed and as the gene pool was so small we went ahead and bred from her. Anya produced 3 litters with a total of 21 puppies. We kept Darcy from her first litter but tragically she was killed in an accident on the railway line before she was 1 year old. This was a great loss to us and still is to this day. She was the most wonderful puppy with a huge character which has never been replaced.
The overall health of Anya's offspring has been excellent with the exception of three puppies who have had OCD in the shoulder, two have been operated on and one was diagnosed as affected in one shoulder during health tests but has never been lame, even so we decided to withdraw her from the breeding pool. There is no point having health tests done if you then disregard the results. Two others have had health issues, one has had cruciate ligament surgery and also recently been diagnosed with Addison's disease and one has had elbow surgery (who subsequently died a week later from heart failure). The remaining 15 puppies are all very healthy and sound to this day with 19 still alive. The oldest are7 this year and the youngest are now 4.
This was the last photo taken of Anya a few days before we lost her. We are so blessed to have had Anya in our lives. She has been such a good ambassador for the breed and has brought us so much love and joy in our lives. Her legacy lives on through her offspring and we look forward to seeing her grandchildren and Great Grandchildren.
Run free Anya, you will forever be in our hearts.

Anya Litter D and Litter G - Sire: Springhaze Blazing Glory
Eyes Clear
HD- 4/5

Springhaze Daddy's Girl (Tess)
Springhaze Diamond Girl (Bella)
Springhaze Day Dreamer (Darcy)
Springhaze Dazzling Gem (Roxi)
HD - 4/4 
ED - 0 
OCD - 0
Springhaze Dizzy Heights (Minnie)
Springhaze Dark Desire (Benson)
Springhaze Destiny ( Jazz)
Springhaze Dazzler (Bailey)
Springhaze Double Take (Indy)
Taylor was one of two boys born in Dottie's first litter (litter B).  He lives with Sheila and family in Buckinghamshire.  Taylor like his father (Boss Van Rouben Sent) has been slow to mature, but is now developing into a very nice young dog.  Sheila is planning to show him next year.  He has a very friendly temperament and loves everyone.  He is available for stud to approved bitches. 
Litter D
Litter G
Springhaze Global Charm (Gem)
Springhaze Gold Dust (Milo)
Springhaze Glamour Girl (Sydney)


Springhaze Glacier (Yogi)
Litter H

Anya Litter H - Sire: Crown's Circle of Life at Springhaze

HD: 5/3
ED: 1
OCD: Free
Eyes: Clear/no defects
P2Y12 - Clear
Springhaze Heart n Soul (Baxter)

Springhaze High Jinx (Holly)

Springhaze Hi Expectations (Hugo)

Eyes: Clear

Springhaze High Definition (Lola)
Springhaze High Spirit (Luna)

Springhaze Heaven Sent (Mojito)

Springhaze High Class (Nala)

Springhaze High Flyer (Rubens)
DOB: 24-09-10
DOB: 19-03-12
DOB: 20-01-13